Oticon Dynamo

Oticon Dynamo

Oticon Dynamo with proven BrainHearing™ technology provides more speech details for patients with severe to profound hearing loss by supporting how the brain makes sense of sound. Dynamo is the latest Oticon solution, combining experience, research and insights to understand the diverse needs of super power patients.

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Dynamo allows you to enjoy a more complete sound experience
Made for iPhone and direct streaming connectivity.
Processing sound 50 times faster than ever before.
Fast & Precise
Oticon Dynamo is fast and precise enough to support the brain in making sense of sound.
360° of sound
Scans the environment 100 times per second to give you access to 360° of sound.
Oticon Dynamo separates noise from speech.



BrainHearing™ Technology
Listeners experience less mental fatigue, more energy, focus, and better speech recall.
Discreet design
Dynamo is a slim and powerful hearing aid – the smallest with a size 13 battery.
YouMatic™ LX
Accommodates personal listening preferences and sound perceptions in the prescription of gain and automatics.
Speech Guard E
Helps your brain to be able to decode what people are saying.
Speech Rescue
Creates copies of high-frequency sounds and pastes them into a lower frequency range where you can hear them.
Inium Sense feedback shield
feedback shield keeps you protected from unwanted whistling and squealing.


Oticon ConnectedLine

iphone-streamer-pro-dynamoConnectLine is a series of devices that help you connect to a wide variety of communication and entertainment applications – transforming your hearing aids into a personal wireless headset. ConnectLine enhances communication across the board. Face-to-face conversations become clearer and easier to control. Watching TV, listening to music, video chatting and talking on the phone become simpler than ever before. ConnectLine is the one solution that offers the most connectivity opportunities in a single system.